A feature set in rural New Hampshire. Starring David Warner (Tron, Titanic, Star Trek, Planet of the Apes), Cynthia Gibb (Fame, Gypsy, Youngblood, Salvador), James Rebhorn (Scent of a Woman, Independence Day, The Talented Mr. Ripley), Tom Sizemore (Saving Private Ryan, Blackhawk Down, Heat, Natural Born Killers) and Alice St. Clair (William & Catherine: A Royal Romance, Sarah’s Key). This is an exciting production put together by the Sharff brothers. We’ll be shooting through next year with principal photography completed by December.

Above: Shooting a bedroom scene in the Robert Frost house in Franconia, New Hampshire. Below: David Warner, Cynthia Gibb, Alice St. Clair, Tom Sizemore in a dinner scene.

Photo by Harry Goldhagen (www.harryllama.com)

David Warner in a kitchen scene. Photo by Harry Goldhagen (www.harryllama.com)

Truck Dolly. Photo by Harry Goldhagen (www.harryllama.com)

Filming Cynthia Gibb. Photo by Harry Goldhagen (www.harryllama.com)

Yours truly metering. Photo by Harry Goldhagen (www.harryllama.com)

When you don’t have a crane… Photo by Harry Goldhagen (www.harryllama.com)